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Auction Calendar

The dates below are our regular auctions – but we often hold additional ad-hoc sales for special collections, single-owner consignments, charity and celebrity auctions. Be sure to check out the catalogue section for all upcoming sales.

Live Auctions – you can choose to attend these auctions in-person, or bid online. We also accept telephone and commission bids.

Live Broadcast Auctions – these auctions are online-only with a live webstream showing the auctioneer conducting the sale. There is no in-person bidding, but telephone and commission bids can be placed.

Timed Auctions – these auctions allow bidders to bid against the clock. The highest bidder when the timer runs down, wins the lot. Bids can only be placed online. 

Viewing: please check the specifics of each auction catalogue for viewing information.

All current auctions can be viewed on

Antiques & Collectables (Bristol Saleroom)

14th May (Ceramics & Collectables) – Live Auction

15th May (Furniture & Interiors) – Live Auction

11th June (Ceramics & Collectables) – Live Auction

12th June (Furniture & Interiors) – Live Auction

9th July (Ceramics & Collectables) – Live Auction

10th July (Furniture & Interiors) – Live Auction

13th August (Ceramics & Collectables) – Live Auction

14th August (Furniture & Interiors) – Live Auction

Jewellery, Gold & Silver (Bristol Saleroom)

23rd May – Jewellery (Live Auction)

TBC June – Jewellery (Live Auction)

TBC July – Jewellery (Live Auction)

TBC August – Jewellery (Live Auction)


Militaria, History & Transport (Bristol Saleroom)

14th June – Militaria (Live Broadcast Auction)

20th September – Militaria (Live Broadcast Auction)


Books & Works On Paper (Bath Saleroom)

22nd May – Books & Works On Paper (Timed Auction)

TBC August – Books & Works On Paper (Timed Auction)

TBC November – Books & Works On Paper (Timed Auction)


Contemporary Art (Bath Saleroom)

1st July – Contemporary Art (Timed Auction)

30th October – Contemporary Art (Timed Auction)


Fine Art & Antiques (Bath Saleroom)

17th May – Fine Art & Antiques (Live Broadcast Auction)

16th August – Fine Art & Antiques (Live Auction)

15th November – Fine Art & Antiques (Live Auction)

Toy Auctions (Bristol Saleroom)

29th April – Diecast, Trains & Models (Live Auction)

30th April – Action Figures, Retro Toys & Gaming (Live Auction)

25th July – Diecast, Trains & Models (Live Auction)

26th July – Action Figures, Retro Toys & Gaming (Live Auction)





20th Century Design & Interiors (Bath Saleroom)

28th June (Live Auction)

27th September(Live Auction)

30th December(Live Auction)

Autographs & Memorabilia (Bristol Saleroom)

30th April – Autographs & Memorabilia (Timed Auction)

29th May – Iron Giant Special Auction (Timed Auction)

May (TBC) – Autographs & Memorabilia (Timed Auction)

June (TBC) – Autographs & Memorabilia (Timed Auction)

July (TBC) – Autographs & Memorabilia (Timed Auction)